Hi, that’s me, my husband Brandon and our two little boys, Hudson and Hayes! We've been together 6 years and married for two! Funny enough, Brandon and I had known each other prior through mutual friends, but one magical evening at an ugly Christmas sweater party, he was wearing a Cindy Lou Who wig and pinched my butt and said 'Hey Savvy!!". Later that night he asked for my number to make sure I made it home safely and the rest was history. We were married 01.19.19 in the middle of an arctic blizzard and we served pizza rolls at dinner. It was the best, most chaotic day ever!  We also have a few critters that bring a lot of love and hair to our home. Ollie who is a 6 year old goldendoodle, Raider who is a 7 year old chocolate lab.. THEY ARE BEST FRIENDS! We also have two cats named Dwight K Schrute and Mable and they can't stand each other.

A little more about me, I graduated from SIU in 2014 with bachelor's degree in Integrated Marketing but picked up photography in 2011 to fill an elective for my associates. I would have never guessed 10 years later, I would have my own business. I tried so hard to be a 9-5 person and for a really long time I felt guilty that I wasn’t. But one night it clicked for me and I began to learn to embrace who I was and took that leap of faith into running my own business. So now, I am more of a 10am to 11pm kind of person, weaving my work in and out of naps, bottles and playtime.

I am a HUGE Office fan and my child was Dwight K Schrute for hist 1st Halloween. Coffee is my fuel and messy buns are my jam. Black is my favorite color. My computer ALWAYS runs slow when I need it to run fast. I have a slight addiction to sweets, Target and Amazon Prime and my best work typically happens at 2am. I love home decor and design, I am constantly Pinterest-ing plans for my next project. If I were to describe my style, it would probably be eclectic with a love for midcentury modern and Scandinavian styles. Kinda over all the farmhouse craze but I love Chip and JoJo. I enjoy making lists, there is something so relaxing about getting my ideas and thoughts written on paper and crossing them off. As much as I wish I was a morning person.. I am not. I am probably one of the most clumsy people you will ever meet. You can count on me to trip on it, spill it or drop it. I love any and all animals, I won't even kill a spider and I'll always save a drowning bug from the pool. I love Jesus and thank him daily for this crazy life he’s blessed me with and gift to document life for others. I love the character the comes with an old home or building and photos taken a long time ago are captivating to me. I like to over use emojis and exclamation points. Sometimes I like to workout, sometimes I like to eat a family order of cheese sticks from Pizza Hut. I love a good meme I fangirl over Taylor Swift, John Mayer, Ed Sheeran and Vance Joy. I am a former cheerleader/gymnast, flipping around was a huge part of my life growing up and is still close to my heart. I can still do a back handspring on the tumble track even if I can't get out of bed the next day. I struggle with spelling and math, still haven't made a Tiktok account and the older I get the more I love my fluffy robe and electric blanket

I absolutely adore my job and my clients, sometimes it doesn't seem real. I get to photograph beautiful families, weddings, births, children growing and changing, proposals... so many important moments tucked away in those images. Aside from my family, my business means the world to me. I love my families and couples like they were my own and I am just so grateful for them. 

If you’ve read this whole thing, then we should probably be friends!